If you own a gun, you want to do everything you can to keep it out of the wrong hands.  You especially want to be sure that your children or other family members can never accidentally get hold of your gun.  While you can employ many precautions to keep your guns out of the wrong hands, you should also invest in a gun safe.

If you collect guns, be sure to buy a gun safe larger than your current collection.  This will ensure that your gun safe will be able to hold your collection as it expands.  Make sure that your safe will not only take care of your guns, but can function as a fire safe.  This will ensure that, in the case of a fire, your guns remain protected.

You can find many types of gun safes, but go for one that can offer you the best in protection with the right materials and customized locks, which can stop the safe from being tampered with or broken open.  Locks can come with both combination locks and key locks.  See if extras can come with your gun safe, like a rifle rack, shelves, and gun slots, so that you can keep your guns and their accessories organized.

Look into getting a gun safe that will anchor to the floor.  In case you are burgled, you want to make sure that the burglars are unable to just pick up your safe and walk off with your guns.  Looking for a Houston locksmith who can give you the perfect gun safe for you needs?  Visit us at Houston Safe and Lock where you can find what you need to make sure that your gun collection is safe and secure and your home is safe from any gun accidents.

Bob Sallee, President of American Security Products, makes the grade (A) on quality control for CSC3417 and CSC1717 Burgulary & Fire Safe.  These safes are well built and perform as advertised.

Houston Safe & Lock received a call from a long time customer who requested that we open two Fire and Burglary Rated safes she had purchased from us years prior.  The safes had been in a large house fire and had been taken to the Houston crime lab by the arson investigators because there were fatalities involved.  We inspected the safes at the crime lab the day prior to the scheduled opening and found the safes were made by American Security Products.

Both fire safes were charred so bad that they were unrecognizable by an average person, but once I saw the American Security Products unique spoke handle from the melted remains that used to be a handle and Amsec’s recognizable heavy duty hinge design made identification an easy task.  The arson investigator had shared with me that he had not experienced a fire with that much heat intensity in 25 years. He said the home was a complete burn down.

The fire safes took hours to open using two highly trained safe technicians with years of experience and exact diagrams and measurements acquired from past openings.  Once opened we were all shocked to find that all contents inside both safes were unharmed, from the jewelry right on down to the precious metals, important documents and folding money.  Even the medicine bottles were like new and medicine usable.  This news is great to know for coin collectors who are always concerned about protecting their graded pneumatic collectible coins.  These coins are already enclosed in a fire protective plastic and have greater value above the spot price of gold and silver because of where they were minted and rare dates.

I will have no problem recommending American Security Products Fire and Burglary Rated Safes to protect coin and stamp collections and other valuables in the future.  These fire safes are well built and perform as advertised.  Why use any other product.

The danger of fire is a constant one, as fire departments responded to nearly 400,000 home fires in the United States in 2009, and 44,867 fires in Houston.  While you do all you can to prevent a fire from ever happening, knowing that your most important documents and valuables are protected provides peace of mind.

If the unthinkable were to happen, you can rest assured that the contents of your home fire safe will remain intact.

1. Regular safes are not impervious to fire.  In fact, the construction of a regular anti-burglary safe is not intended to protect valuables from fire, but from intrusion. Their metal construction can act like an oven in the event of a fire, all but cooking their contents.

Fire safes are designed to withstand the extremely high temperatures of a fire.  Composite materials are used to shield the inner compartment, and many offer a gasket seal to prevent water from getting inside.  Some fire safes are rated to withstand temperatures up to 1,800 degrees for four hours.

2. Hybrid safes solve two problems.  A safe that is certified against both fire and burglary is capable not only of withstanding the effects of a house fire, but it also protects the contents against intrusive attacks.  These kinds of fire safes use insulative material to keep internal temperatures below that of a fire in order to prevent melting or igniting of the contents, while the outer shell is often constructed with attack-resistant steel.

3. Concentrate on your most valuable possessions.  In a fire, trying to save material items delays your safe exit and increases the risk that you may become trapped.  When you know that your important papers and other belongings will be able to withstand the flames until help arrives, you can focus on getting your loved ones to safety.

Keep your important documents and possessions in a fire safe, and know that they will be protected.  Houston Safe & Lock carries a wide selection of fire safes designed to defend your valuables from fire and burglary.  Protect your property and contact us to learn more.