Bob Sallee, President of American Security Products, makes the grade (A) on quality control for CSC3417 and CSC1717 Burgulary & Fire Safe.  These safes are well built and perform as advertised.

Houston Safe & Lock received a call from a long time customer who requested that we open two Fire and Burglary Rated safes she had purchased from us years prior.  The safes had been in a large house fire and had been taken to the Houston crime lab by the arson investigators because there were fatalities involved.  We inspected the safes at the crime lab the day prior to the scheduled opening and found the safes were made by American Security Products.

Both fire safes were charred so bad that they were unrecognizable by an average person, but once I saw the American Security Products unique spoke handle from the melted remains that used to be a handle and Amsec’s recognizable heavy duty hinge design made identification an easy task.  The arson investigator had shared with me that he had not experienced a fire with that much heat intensity in 25 years. He said the home was a complete burn down.

The fire safes took hours to open using two highly trained safe technicians with years of experience and exact diagrams and measurements acquired from past openings.  Once opened we were all shocked to find that all contents inside both safes were unharmed, from the jewelry right on down to the precious metals, important documents and folding money.  Even the medicine bottles were like new and medicine usable.  This news is great to know for coin collectors who are always concerned about protecting their graded pneumatic collectible coins.  These coins are already enclosed in a fire protective plastic and have greater value above the spot price of gold and silver because of where they were minted and rare dates.

I will have no problem recommending American Security Products Fire and Burglary Rated Safes to protect coin and stamp collections and other valuables in the future.  These fire safes are well built and perform as advertised.  Why use any other product.

If you think that locking your door at night before you go to bed is enough to keep your residence safe, then think again.  Even with your door locked, you may not be as safe as you think.  Intruders with knowledge of lock bumping can get into your home almost instantly without even scratching the lock.  In this post, we’ll discuss lock bumping and what you can do to protect yourself from it.

Lock bumping is a technique that has existed since the 1950’s.  It essentially allows people to open most locks using a “bump key”, which is a specially cut key that tricks your deadbolt into opening.  Even some of the nicest locks are susceptible to bumping – in fact, they may even be easier to open with a bump key than lower-quality locks.

There are two ways to keep your house truly safe:

1. Install bump-proof locks, made with specific mechanisms that make it difficult for bump-keys to work.

2. There are also other varieties of locks like electronic locks, magnetic locks, and disc tumbler locks that work differently than a standard deadbolt lock.  These will be resistant to bumping simply by nature of their design.

Using multiple locks of different styles would also be a deterrent to intruders.  Your locksmith can help you figure out which lock combination best suits your home.

Another option is to use products that deter burglars from entering your home.  Nine out of 10 convicted burglars said they would avoid a home with an alarm system.  Making sure your home has a well equipped security system, and posting the information on your doors and windows, will keep intruders from even trying.

Having a reliable locksmith is the most important part of protecting your home from intruders.  The expert locksmiths at Houston Safe & Lock Co. will make sure that your home is bump-proof.  We also service gun and fire safes, transponder chip keys, and provide the best 24-hour emergency locksmith service in town.  For more information, visit our website and our showroom today.